Tax Exemptions

Massachusetts's law provides a variety of tax exemptions for certain qualifying taxpayers. Requirements are very specific. These exemptions are allowed to those who are qualified from among the elderly, veterans, the blind, widows and widowers, and the minor children of deceased parents. The qualifying date is on July 1st, the beginning of the fiscal year. Applications are due within 90 days of the 3rd quarter tax bill. An application must be submitted each year for any exemption. Taxpayers are welcome to contact the Assessors' Office to see if they may qualify for an exemption.

Motor Vehicle Excise

You May be due a refund or exemption if you...

1. Transferred your registration to another vehicle.

2. Cancelled your registration and returned your plate.

3. Have a disabled veteran's plate (HP).

Please check with the assessor's office to see if you qualify.

Real Estate

You may be eligible for exemption if you...

1. Are a veteran with at least 10% disability during service time.

2. Legally blind and registered with the Comission for the Blind.

3. Are a widow.

4. Over 70 years old.

Please check with the assessor's office to see if you qualify.



Appears in: Property Tax FAQs

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