How do I benefit from the Greenfield Light & Power Program?

You benefit in four ways:

  • Predictability: Greenfield has negotiated a contract with Public Power, LLC, on your behalf, with guaranteed rates through January of 2018.
  • Choice: The program gives you a choice in the type of renewable energy that is integrated into your electricity supply. Specifically, you can either stay with the default offering, which is 100% green energy and drawn primarily from wind projects outside of New England, or you may choose the Greener Option, which replaces 20% of the wind energy with energy from New England wind sources. To choose the Greener Option, contact Public Power at 1-800-830-2944.
  • Renewable energy, cost effectively: Your electricity will now be powered by 100% green energy.
  • Transparency: You may opt out at any time with no penalty. All program terms are public.

Appears in: Greenfield Light & Power FAQs

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