What are the requirements?

Eligible solar projects must be located at residential, commercial, public or other private property in Greenfield and have sufficient solar exposure to participate -- the solar installer can determine this. 

For roof installations:

  • The roof should be in good condition and be structurally able to accommodate the additional load of the solar panels. 
  • Solar panels cannot be installed on a slate roof.

For ground mounted systems:

  • If a roof is not suitable for solar panels, it may be feasible to install a ground mounted solar electric system.  The ground mounted system can be situated in the sunniest spot on the property.

In order to qualify for the state rebate:

  • Systems need to produce 80% or more of the electricity that would be produced by an ideally oriented, unshaded system.

Systems must be no larger than 15 kW to receive the state rebate.

Appears in: Energy and Sustainability FAQs

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