Olive Street Garage Rates & Rules

The Olive Street Parking Garage was generously funded by MassWorks and the residents of Greenfield. Receipts from the parking garage are used to support the maintenance of parking facilities in Greenfield.

Currently the Olive Street Parking Garage is Passport parking and permit parking only. You can also use the Passport app to pay for parking in all of downtown Greenfield. 

To use the Passport app:

  • Download Passport onto your smartphone (a smartphone is required). You'll need to create an account the first time you use Passport. 
  • Look for the unique zone number on Passport parking signs in the lot or garage, or on parking meters for street parking.
  • Enter your session information (the amount of time you need, up to the maximum allowed for that parking area).
  • Choose your payment method.
Once you've created an account, Passport will remember both the number for parking areas where you've parked before and your car information.

The Passport parking zone number for the garage is 4751.

Open 24-hours a day, seven days a week, the Olive Street Garage provides safe, covered parking for City residents and visitors. The garage offers short- and long-term parking with the first hour free, and people can also sign up for monthly Parking Permits for $35 per month. The Garage is located directly across the street from the John Olver Transit Center and one block from Main Street. 

First hour: Free page-p1829
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.: $1 per hour
All other times: 25 cents per hour
Daily maximum: $10
Weekly maximum: $60
Monthly maximum: $180
Monthly permit: $35 per month
Lost ticket fee: $30
Lost permit access card fee: $10


  • The municipality assumes no responsibility for losses by fire, theft, collision, or other damage, to any vehicle or its contents.
  • We reserve the right to close/block exits or entrances at any time to accommodate large crowds or provide a safe atmosphere for garage patrons and pedestrians.
  • Parking rules exist all year. During declared Emergency Winter Parking Bans, parking is allowed on the first three floors of the Olive Street Garage and the fees will be waived. Parking is prohibited on level 4 to allow for snow removal.
  • It is the driver’s responsibility to read and understand the parking rules. Ignorance of the rules is not a valid reason to avoid paying parking fees or fines.
  • Vehicles must be parking between the lines of an established parking space.
  • Double parking is never allowed.
  • City Vehicles - City vehicles requiring access to the garage must be registered with the Mayor’s Office. Access cards issued to municipal employees for official business will be monitored for misuse.
  • The parking garage facility is provided for safe and orderly parking, therefore, it is to be used for parking entry and exit only. There is no loitering.

  • Buy a Monthly Permit here.
  • Monthly contract permits allow the parker unlimited entrances and exits, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Up to two vehicles may be registered for a single access card, however only one vehicle may be parked at a time. The access card is non-transferable and is to be used only by those listed on the contract.
  • Contracts are monthly. There are no annual permits.
  • The access card is the property of the municipality and must be returned upon the end of the contract. Lost or unreturned access cards will incur a $20 fee.
  • The contract holder assumes full responsibility for any misuse of the parking access card. Any entrance into the garage other than by the parking access card may result in a charge equal to the charge that would have been paid. We reserve the right to cancel, without refund, any parking garage contract that has been misused.
  • Never drive through an open gate UNLESS you have no other options. Please contact parking enforcement using the speaker on the access gate.
  • If your card should become inactive, please contact the parking enforcement using the speaker on the access gate.
  • Garage permit renewals are the responsibility of the permit holder. Failure to renew the permit, for any reason, is the sole responsibility of the permit holder and may result in the loss of the permit. All deadlines are final. Renewal notifications are sent as a courtesy only and failure to receive the notification does not alleviate the permit holder of the responsibility to renew the permit by deadline.
  • Contract holders may park in the electric vehicle charging spaces, however they must follow the electric vehicle charging regulations.
  • Contract holders with valid state-issued placards may park in marked handicap spaces.
  • There are no reserved spaces for contract holders. The gate provides a counting mechanism and reserves an appropriate number of spaces for the contract holders.
  • We reserve the right to relocate permit holders to other parking areas should there be a need due to safety or security.
  • Payment is by credit/debit card only.
  • Contract holders must maintain a valid email address and it is the responsibility of the contract holder to keep their account information up to date.
  • A waitlist may be established if the number of monthly contract permits desired exceed the number of contracted spaces allocated.


  • Vehicles planning on extended parking should not park on Level 4 - as there is no parking during snow emergencies. Any vehicle parked on Level 4 during a snow emergency may be towed at the owner's expense in order to accommodate plowing.