Greenfield Municipal Veterans' Assistance Fund

Below is information regarding the requirements for services, which follow 108 CMR 3.00 as closely as possible.

Residence: The Veterans Service Officer will make determination of the residence of an applicant.

Military Service Requirements: Applicant must meet the eligibility requirements contained in Massachusetts General Law c. 115 sections 1 & 6A. Discharge must have been under honorable conditions.

Eligible Dependents: Spouse of the veteran, widow or widower of the veteran, or children who have not attained the age of majority (younger than 18).

Documentation: The Veterans Service Officer may require documentation deemed necessary to determine the eligibility and need of an applicant. These documents may include: lease; property tax bill or other documentation to determine residency; marriage license and or death certificate; separation decree; order for support; order for separate maintenance; birth certificate or adoption record; financial institution records; expense estimates; and all documents which the VSO may require.


  • Funds will be paid to the service provider, not the applicant.
  • Funds will be provided for emergency/unusual expenses or circumstances.
  • Assistance provided will be determined by the VSO. It is expected that the applicant will provide a portion of the expense.
  • Repeated requests will be approved only in extreme situations.
  • Fuel assistance will be considered only after all other sources have been used.
  • Transportation assistance will require pre-approval.
  • Assistance for food will be based upon the number of dependents living in the household. The amount per person will be set at $50 per week. Assistance will be provided for two weeks under usual situations.
The city of Greenfield reserves the right to alter these guidelines at anytime without prior notice.