PV Squared Installs Solar Array onto Greenfield DPW Office  Building

GREENFIELD – In another step forward for Greenfield’s commitment to carbon neutrality, the Greenfield DPW Office on 189 Wells St. is now equipped with a rooftop solar array. The solar array was installed by PV Squared and generously donated by Greenfield resident Bill Ashley. 

The new solar array allows the Greenfield DPW Office to reach net-zero energy status, meaning on an annual basis, the solar array will generate as much electricity as the building consumes. The office was constructed in 2018 as an all-electric, solar-ready building designed to host a solar array at a later date.

Aiding the sustainable energy movement continues to be a focus for Ashley. He previously donated a solar array to the DPW building in Warwick and has also sponsored a solar array that will be installed on the town office building in Leverett. Ashley began donating solar arrays in 2019 by collaborating with Habitat for Humanity on residential projects. 

“Climate disruption is the fundamental issue of our times,” said Ashley.

“The City of Greenfield is extremely grateful to Bill Ashley for his generous gift and his commitment to assist Franklin County communities,” said Energy and Sustainability Department Director Carole Collins. It is a major accomplishment to have a municipal building achieve net zero energy, which will also eliminate the annual energy bill for this building. The benefits, both on an environmental and financial level, will last decades, and we are excited to have attained this goal with Mr. Ashley’s vision and donation.”

"PV Squared is pleased to be partnering with Bill Ashley and the City of Greenfield to bring solar to the DPW Office, which is just down the road from our shop on Wells Street,” said Brittany Hathaway, director of marketing and outreach for PV Squared. “Seeing this project will surely bring a smile to our faces as we pass by, and we hope the people of Greenfield and the DPW workers will be similarly proud to see clean, renewable energy being generated from the DPW office roof."