City and Local Organizations Collaborate on Video Presentation for  Financial Relief Programs

GREENFIELD –The Greenfield Assessors Department, the Upper Pioneer Valley Veterans' Service District, the Greenfield Council on Aging, Greenfield Community Television, the Greenfield Mayor’s Office, Housing Greenfield and Community Action Pioneer Valley recently collaborated on an informative video presentation about financial relief programs. These segments spotlight the qualifications and application processes for property tax exemptions, veteran assistance programs and the Senior Circuit Tax Credit. 

The presentations can be viewed separately by topic or as a collective piece on the Greenfield Community Television YouTube page. The complete video will also be aired on Greenfield Community Television airwaves over the coming months. 

You can watch the entire presentation at: 

In the first segment, Chief Assessor Randall Austin explains the nuances of property tax exemptions, including 
the different exemptions offered, documents needed for the application process and how exemptions relate to
the annual tax bill. 

To watch the presentation on property tax exemptions, visit:

Next, Upper Pioneer Valley Veterans' Service District Director Chris Demars discusses veteran assistance programs. His presentation examines the Veterans Tax Work-Off Program, Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing and other veteran initiatives. 

To watch the presentation on veteran assistance programs, visit: 

The final presentation is from Rebecca Bannash, the Money Matters Coordinator for Community Action Pioneer Valley. Bannash highlights the Senior Circuit Breaker Tax Credit, an income tax credit that awards up to $1,200 to eligible seniors 65 and over. 

To watch the presentation on the Senior Circuit Breaker Tax Credit, visit: 

The video presentations feature input from several community perspectives, including Council on Aging Director Hope Macary, Greenfield Community Television Interim Director Otis Wheeler, Sweeney from Community Action Pioneer Valley and Housing Greenfield members Susan Worgaftik, Carol Letson and Andrea Cohen-Kiener. This discussion group will distribute promotional materials highlighting financial relief opportunities for at-risk populations.

“Financial relief programs are an essential resource, with rising inflation impacting many in our community and 
nationwide,” said Communications Director Matt Conway. “We hope the video presentations and simultaneous 
outreach assembled by Greenfield staff, Community Action Pioneer Valley and Housing Greenfield enhance 
our region’s access to and understanding of these critical programs."