Gloria Matlock Wins 2023 Greenfield Human Rights Award

GREENFIELD - The City of Greenfield would like to congratulate Gloria Matlock for receiving the 2023 Greenfield Human Rights Award bestowed by the Greenfield Human Rights Commission. 

Matlock, who was nominated by three individuals, continues to leave an indelible impact on our community. She has served countless roles in Greenfield, including as a board director for Stone Soup Cafe, coordinator for racial justice events and assisting early education through the "Twice As Smart" after-school program she has organized.

As one submission put it best, "If there are indeed angels among us, Gloria Matlock is one of them."

"It's so important for us to look at our neighbors and what's around in our community to be a part of it, because it becomes a part of you and they help you to grow," said Matlock in her acceptance speech. 

"I am incredibly grateful to the HRC for revitalizing what will hopefully become a new annual tradition in Greenfield. Under the leadership of Chair Mpress Bennu Nembhard and co-chair Bekki Craig, as well as the active participation of HRC members Grady VerPlanck, Quinn Mass, Lance Smith and Kathleen Kenny, the commission continues to uphold the values that the HRC was founded upon with passion and empathy," said Mayor Roxann Wedegartner. 

The nominees for the 2023 HRC award were Matlock, Samantha Blanchard, Ang Buxton, Lucinda Brown, Stephanie Duclose and Loreen Flockerzie.