Greenfield Public Library Parking to Remain Free

GREENFIELD – Mayor Virginia “Ginny” Desorgher has announced that the city will forgo plans under the previous administration to establish a paid parking system for the Greenfield Public Library. The parking lot will remain free to use for all library patrons. We encourage the community to utilize this parking lot for Greenfield Public Library visits only.

Mayor Desorgher’s decision is based on a desire to ensure that the library remains an inclusive space accessible to all in Greenfield and Franklin County.

“Continuing free parking for the Greenfield Public Library is a great way to ensure access to this beautiful community space,” said Mayor Desorgher.

“Free parking promotes community engagement by making it easier for residents to attend library-sponsored events, workshops, and gatherings,” said Library Director Anna Bognolo. “The library is not just a place for books; it's a hub for people to connect, share ideas, and build relationships.”

Please note that the ChargePoint EV charging units at the Greenfield Public Library will still cost 28 cents/kWh to use in order to cover the city’s electricity and networking fees. The parking kiosks initially intended for the library will now be utilized to replace aging kiosks in other municipal parking lots.