Police Department Implements New Policing Measures

GREENFIELD – Under the leadership of Chief Todd Dodge, the Greenfield Police Department continues to integrate new policing measures.

One significant change is an increase in visibility in the downtown business district. The department’s Community Impact Unit regularly surveys the area and connects with the community to address concerns and maintain a safe environment downtown. Senior leadership at the Greenfield Police Department is also conducting patrols to forge a more robust dialogue with downtown stakeholders.

Speed enforcement is another focus for the department. The police are enhancing their presence throughout the city of Greenfield through various methods in an effort to foster safe roadways for vehicles and pedestrians.

“I am seeing, if nothing else, what seems to be a new energy,” said Dodge. “The staff could not be more cooperative. They are doing these things voluntarily with energy and optimism. I cannot appreciate their help enough.”

Moving forward, the Greenfield Police Department is focused on expanding its recruitment process. Dodge envisions cultivating a diverse department that ensures the community is equitably represented. New recruiting approaches include being more active at local job fairs and working closely with the Franklin County Police Cadet program.

“There are so many people out there that don’t feel policing is a profession for them,” said Dodge. I want everybody to feel they can be a part of our department. If we can achieve that, I think that is a win for everyone.”