Construction Begins for Sidewalk Replacement Projects

GREENFIELD—The Greenfield Department of Public Works began construction on Monday, April 1, for the Abbott-Beacon-Leonard-Pond-Walnut-Woodleigh Sidewalk Replacement Project and the Haywood-North-Ames Sidewalk Replacement Project.

D & P Morais Construction was selected as a contractor for both projects via an open bid process. The construction process will follow this timeline:

  • North side of Beacon St.
  • South side of Beacon St.
  • North St. in front of Kennametal and 48 Sanderson St.
  • Ames St. handicapped ramps at Davis St. and School St.
  • Haywood St.
  • Remaining street sidewalks

Construction will be ongoing until its anticipated completion date of early August.

The Beacon Street sidewalk replacement is funded by a Massachusetts Office of Disability grant. The Haywood-North-Ames Street sidewalk replacement is funded through capital appropriations. Abbott Street, Leonard Street, Pond Street, Walnut Street and Woodleigh Avenue sidewalk replacement is financed via the Community Development Block Grant Program through the Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities.