Fire Department Emphasizes Important Communication Tools

GREENFIELD — The Greenfield Fire Department is reminding the community of two critical communication tools, Greenfield Alert and Greenfield Community Connect, that residents and stakeholders can utilize to bolster public safety awareness.

1. The most effective platform for the community to stay informed about emergency situations and other important events is Greenfield Alert.

Greenfield Alert sends real-time alerts to the public during emergencies. In addition, it can also be utilized to receive customizable community notifications. These include notifications about severe weather, safety, health, utility disruptions, major traffic incidents and more.

This service is provided by the City of Greenfield at no cost to the public, although message and data rates may apply.

Residents can sign up by:

  • Texting 67283 on any cell phone (NOTICE: While landline phones are already included in Greenfield Alert, all cell phones MUST SIGN UP to receive notifications).
  • Signing up online:
    This portal can also be used to customize what alerts you receive.
2. Established in October 2023, Greenfield Community Connect provides an innovative approach to connecting residents with the Greenfield Fire Department. 

This online resource allows residents and business owners in Greenfield to directly share their information with the Greenfield Fire Department through a safe, secure and bank-level encrypted digital portal. This information will aid firefighters during any emergency call that they may respond to at a business/residency.

Here is some important information for residents to include in their submissions: 

  • Your Property (residence type, whether or not you have fire sprinklers or designated meeting places).
  • Your People (contact information provides the Fire Department with information on how to deal with potential hazards or locate occupants). 
  • Your Needs (if you or members of your family have mobility or other types of functional needs that may require additional assistance, the Fire Department can plan accordingly and respond quickly to those needs).
  • Your Pets (details and a photo of any household pets allow the Fire Department to locate and evacuate during any incident). 

Residents and Greenfield stakeholders can sign up for Greenfield Community Connect at: