Business Directory and Community Information Kiosk Debuts in  Downtown Greenfield

GREENFIELD – Located in the heart of Downtown Greenfield, a newly-installed business directory and 
community information kiosk will serve as a year-round hub for Greenfield residents and visitors alike to 
discover the breadth of businesses, restaurants and events featured throughout the city. The kiosk debuted on 
Friday, June 23, at the Greenfield City Common and will promote additional engagement for businesses and 
community events. 

Developing an accessible information center was recommended by the Massachusetts Local Rapid Recovery 
Planning Program in 2021. The kiosk project was initiated in Spring 2022 when the city received a $47,500 
Regional Economic Development Organization grant from the Economic Development Council of Western 
Massachusetts. Greenfield’s Community and Economic Development Department spearheaded the project, 
utilizing the funding to purchase a kiosk and perform additional electrical work in the city common. Some 
financing from a MassDOT Shared Streets grant also helped upgrade the electrical supply on the common. 

The Community and Economic Development Department intends the kiosk to provide several benefits. Activity 
in Downtown Greenfield was greatly impacted by COVID-19’s onset, causing a delay for many in returning to 
their normal habits. The economic landscape in Greenfield has also changed, with new businesses opening in 
the area while others shuttered their services. With the information kiosk, patrons returning to Greenfield’s 
downtown and first-time visitors can quickly acclimate to the robust assortment of options through this 
convenient resource. 

Downtown Greenfield features dozens of establishments, including various retail shops, restaurants, cultural 
venues and other organizations. A comprehensive directory lets patrons learn about the area quickly and helps
drive additional economic activity to local outlets. It also promotes a sense of discovery, allowing visitors to 
learn about new locations or re-discover a business they used to visit.

HootBoard designed the kiosk, which spotlights a 65-inch screen that is weatherized for year-round use. The 
kiosk integrates with the city’s website, a digital database dedicated to the wealth of 
commerce and culture dispersed throughout the city. Visit Greenfield features several intuitive features, such as 
informational displays of local businesses and a detailed calendar continuously updated with the latest events.

“This kiosk builds on the success of the website that the city launched last summer,” said 
Community and Economic Development Grant Assistant Christian LaPlante. “It provides visitors to downtown 
with a new way to discover our local businesses and will be an important tool as we implement our recently 
completed downtown revitalization plan."