Greenfield DPW Completes Federal and Ames Crosswalk Project 

GREENFIELD – The Greenfield DPW recently unveiled a remodeled crosswalk between Federal St. and Ames St. The in-house effort by the department improves safety and visibility in an active area in Downtown Greenfield. 
Over the years, the DPW recognized improvements needed for the Federal and Ames crossing connecting Hangar Pub and Grille and Greenfield Savings Bank. The crosswalk’s placement on a busy roadway and a catch basin located in the crossing’s path caused some safety concerns. Additionally, the old design layout linking one sidewalk to a driveway apron is now antiquated under current regulations. 
DPW Director Marlo Warner initiated the project, funding it through the department’s annual budget. Construction for the crosswalk began in May and was completed on Friday, June 23. I
Installing a new crosswalk between Federal and Ames presented some additional hurdles. The DPW performed extensive excavation work to relocate the crosswalk and ensure it connected to both sidewalks. The department also moved a fire hydrant to account for the crosswalk’s new location. 
“I think the overall effort to move a crosswalk five feet was incredible. It was a big cost saving for the city. The in-house staff did a great job,” said Warner. 
One of the crossing’s notable features is a rapidly flashing beacon. The beacon allows people crossing the street to notify oncoming traffic in a highly visible manner. The DPW intends for the beacon to enhance the crosswalk’s safety.   
“When you flash the beacon, it will help alert motorists that someone has entered the crosswalk,” Warner added. 
Along with the Federal St. and Ames St. crosswalk project, the Greenfield DPW continues to work diligently on repainting crosswalks and stop sign bar lines across the city. The process began early in the spring and will be completed by the end of July. The DPW’s repainting team focuses on the business district and school zones before addressing the rest of the city. Much of the repainting for business district lines occurs overnight due to the daytime activity in Downtown Greenfield. To date, repainting for most of these areas has already been completed. 
From there, the DPW focuses on addressing lines throughout the city, especially those that are fading or already deteriorated. The department considers repainting lines an important step in further emphasizing roadway safety. 
“It is good to have that done from a safety perspective,” said Warner.